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Why I'll Not Buy From Grub Hub

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hungry-worm-24634_640.jpgAs a libertarian who didn't vote for Trump, I have no need or desire to defend Donald Trump and many the things he has said. So this blog entry is not coming from the point of view of a defensive Trump supporter. This election and the preceding election season has opened many people's eyes about the despair many people feel concerning the economic and political climates in this country.

Many of these people have been dismissed with a great deal of pompous self-righteousness by the left as racist, stupid, backwater, etc. This attitude is just as, if not more, divisive than many of the things Trump has said. Hillary Clinton's remarks calling half of Trump's supporters "deplorable" is one example of this. Much more of it has been put out by the press itself, before and now after the election.

So this brings me to the topic of the food delivery website, Grub Hub. Today the CEO sent an email to all his employees suggesting they resign if they voted for Trump. While those weren't the words used, it doesn't take much to connect the dots in the email.

I've been a self-employed businessman and entrepreneur for the past 20 years, and have had employees I disagreed with politically. They are there to do a job. Their job performance and how well they got along with others were of primary importance to me - not their political views.

I simply cannot condone a CEO using his bitterness over the election to put out such a notice his employees. It's childish and petty. While he is free to make such remarks, I am free to boycott the company so long as he creates a culture where political views outside his own are not welcome.

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