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Lower Cost Alternatives To The EpiPen

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Pharmaceutical company Mylan has taken a great deal of heat this year for an over 400% price increase in the price of their EpiPen product. This potentially life-saving medication for allergic reactions sells for $600+ in the USA. Mylan's CEO has defended the price increases due to spending for "creating access and awareness, and improving the product."

bee-24638_640.jpgShe further went on to say they make "only" $100 off of every two-pack of autoinjectors. Frankly, this isn't believable considering they sell an identical generic version for about $300. Furthermore, they sell EpiPen in the U.K. for $69, $100 in France and $200 in Germany. In 2007, prior to Mylan acquiring the product, EpiPen sold for $57.

I'm all for free markets, but clearly, something is awry here. But thanks to that same free market, and the profit potentials their price increases give to would-be competitors, there are now other less expensive alters available.

Adrenaclick, a generic alternative to EpiPen, runs about $140 to $200 for a single pack, or about $300 for a two-pack. CVS pharmacy has also introduced a store brand version of Adrenaclick for $109.99 for a two-pack, bringing the cost down to $55 each.

When buying either of these, make sure your doctor prescribes for Adrenaclick, or according to CVS write it for "epinephrine auto-injector".

Image: CC0 Public Domain, Free for commercial use, No attribution required https://pixabay.com/en/bee-honey-wasp-hornet-funny-cute-24638/


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