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If you like Amazon, check out Jet.com

  • Author Author Ken Payne
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aeroplane-147495_640.jpgI have to admit, Amazon's Prime membership often dissuades me from looking elsewhere. After all, why spend 30 minutes searching the Internet to save a couple of bucks when I can buy at Amazon with what is usually a very good price and have it at my doorstep in two days?

I've been an Amazon customer since 1998, back when the only thing there for me to buy was books. They had the best computer book selection, bar none. And over the years I've been pleased with their service. On the rare occasion there's been a problem, it's always been hassle free to send it back.

So you can safely say I've been a pretty loyal customer. I'll look elsewhere but I keep coming back to Amazon for their prices and selection. Then someone told me about Jet.com ---- and it's like finding a new Amazon all over again!

If you're willing to wait 2-5 days (depending on where you live) for a package to arrive, nd save your shopping for order $35 or higher to qualify for free shipping, then they have great prices that beat Amazon Prime. I've seen anywhere from 5% to 20% better prices.

Plus on top of all this, since they do not have warehouses in many states, odds are you won't pay sale tax on your order. Amazon now charges sales tax in 36 states on anything shipped from an Amazon warehouse. Jet charges sales tax in 21 states.

If that isn't enough incentive to try them out, here's more:

1. If you opt out of free returns because you're certain it's a product you won't return, the price is even lower.

2. If you pay with a debit card instead of a credit card, they pass on the credit card fee savings to you.

3. Items with a price tag icon next to them, when you combine them in an order with other items, the price goes even lower. The reason is these items can fit in a box with the other items and doesn't cost Jet more to ship.

Best of all, all these discounts combine! So give Jet.com a try!

Image: CC0 Public Domain, Free for commercial use, No attribution required https://pixabay.com/en/aeroplane-airliner-airbus-airplane-147495/


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