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Buying a Chromebook instead of a Laptop

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facebook-login-1475585_640.jpgAdvances in the past few years have put more of what we do with computers in the "cloud". The cloud means data and processing are offloaded to servers on the Internet or internal server in a corporate environment. Picture storage, email, music and much more are now stored in the cloud.

This brings to mind the focus of this topic, should you buy a Chromebook instead of a desktop or laptop computer? First, let's look at the functionality of a Chromebook:

  • Google Drive for file storage and editing/creating documents, spreadsheet and presentations, Gmail, Chrome web browser (including access to other online cloud services), Google Calendar and more.\
  • Automatically updated through the cloud.
  • Access to other Chrome-based cloud apps such as Microsoft Office Online.
  • The ability to print to a USB or network attached printer.
  • Access to cloud-stored pictures.
  • Access to cloud-based music streaming.
  • Watch video streaming online such as Youtube and Netflix.

If these are the things you use your current desktop or laptop for, then a Chromebook might make more financial sense for you. Why pay for processing power and disk storage you don't need?

However, if you're a gamer, do graphics work, CAD or other activities which require an application to be installed on your system, then a desktop or traditional laptop is the way to go.

Image: CC0 Public Domain, Free for commercial use, No attribution required https://pixabay.com/en/facebook-login-office-laptop-1475585/


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